Human Resources

Identify and hire the best talent, understand employee needs and expectations and improve department operations with actionable and easy to access data insights.

Your challenge

The Human Resources department is key to a company’s ability to identify talent and enact fair policies. Data collected to assess employee related qualitative and quantitative factors like motivation, retention, and engagement has to be evaluated to form policies and strategies. The department has to deal with data about the talent pool in the market place and information gather from the job applicants.

Your opportunity

Imagine saving time and energy and delivering an effective data-driven strategy. As the Head of Human Resources, you and your team can be data-driven without worrying about the amount or complexity of the data.

You can start with a vague idea and merely ask questions with common words and terms as you would do when speaking to a person. You can go through pre-generated questions, query suggestions, and graph visualization to gain new insights.