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Thank you for participating in the beta. We will announce the release date shortly.

Make your data a strategic asset

Seqwa processes and analyzes all your data sources and generates questions, narratives, and visualizations for deeper insights and faster & better decision making.

Seqwa lets you ‘the decision maker’ communicate with your organizational data. It achieves this by analyzing your tabular data and generating insights as questions and answers (with visualizations and explanatory text). You can either review the generated insights or frame your own question for Seqwa to examine and answer.

Seqwa is multi-industry, multi-platform, multi-data source, internet accessible and big data ready.

Seqwa utilizes natural language processing (NLP) techniques to produce questions and narrative text and understand your questions.

Seqwa is available as Software as a Service. It is cloud-hosted and lets you manage server capacity to analyze big data and perform large-scale operations. Depending on your budget, you can either configure for a minimum acceptable performance or select minimal capacity. Seqwa will automatically add or remove servers to adapt to your configuration. 

Seqwa can be accessed through REST API and with an optional graphical user interface.

Once deployed, Seqwa requires no programming or coding. It only needs the data in a format that in data science is called a “good” data.  After the data is published to Seqwa there is no other interaction required.

Seqwa will derive knowledge from the data make it available for decision-makers but also to everyone in the organization and beyond. Your data will no longer be dormant in a warehouse. Your data will live as a knowledge repository.

Seqwa lets you search through the generated question bank and brings you closer to the question that you want to ask. Once, you learn what questions to ask then it becomes easier to find the answers. You can also frame your own questions and let Seqwa figure the answer.

You will have yourself a full-time advisor.

See it in action

Interact with your data in a new way

Drive your decision making with data

  • Search through generated insights
  • Ask questions
  • Get answers explained with simple words and charts
  • Organize and share your discoveries

Save your time and be a better decision maker

No more dashboards and reports

  • Get instant insights
  • Share the insights that matter
  • Improve your business awareness
  • Communicate your ideas with confidence

Get on the decision making highway


Get started

Email us at info@seqwa.com and get involved.

Connect all your data sources

The uploaded file goes through a series of operations including identifying schema and performing standardized data cleaning.

Review Questions

Review AI generated questions and associated narratives and visualizations.


Ask your own questions

Type-in or voice-in your queries and get instant answers in the form of narratives and visualizations.


Make your decision

Weigh in all the questions, analysis and make your decision.

AI assisted. Data driven.