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We help decision makers make faster and better strategic decisions

Seqwa processes and analyzes all your data sources and generates questions, narratives and visualizations for deeper insights and faster & better decision making.


AI Advisor for Decision Makers

Make Seqwa your partner in data-driven strategic decision making.

Ask the right questions. Get instant analysis and visualizations. Stay on top of things. Focus on your business, not on the data. Improve your communication with the data team. Reduce your analytics cost. Cloud-based and web-based. No software licensing cost. No certification and training cost. No project management cost. No upgrade cost. Smart resource management.

Make faster and better decisions


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Connect all your data sources

The uploaded file goes through a series of operations including identifying schema and performing standardized data cleaning.

Review Questions

Review AI generated questions and associated narratives and visualizations.


Ask your own questions

Type-in or voice-in your queries and get instant answers in the form of narratives and visualizations.


Make your decision

Weigh in all the questions, analysis and make your decision.

Ask your own questions

Seqwa is a unique AI that lets decision-makers ask business questions to the software as they would to a data analyst and get answers with a narrative and a visualization. Seqwa translates business queries into machine understandable programming code to retrieve and process data from various data sources.

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Features and Benefits


Seqwa learns from company data, market information and your usage to deliver relevant and strategic questions, narratives and visualizations.

Simple User Interface

Seqwa has simple user interface with few buttons to click and fewer pages to navigate

Use it anywhere

Seqwa is web-based use it anywhere on any device with internet connectivity

Any data. Any size.

Apache Spark powers Seqwa to help deliver fast, reliable and cost-effective analytics.

Cloud based

Seqwa is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for availability and resource flexibility.

Low Cost

Conduct analytics and visualizations at a low cost with smartly managed resources

Reduce Cost

No software licensing cost. No certification or training cost. No upgrade cost.

Improve Project Success Rate

Improve communication with the data team and improve project success rate.

AI assisted. Data driven.