We are Seqwa, and we believe in the power of AI.

Semantic search is the future of online search—it allows for a more advanced understanding of queries and the ability to anticipate needs. But implementing semantic search is expensive, and it isn't cost-effective for many companies. We want to change that. Seqwa is an AI-powered, cloud-based search solution accessible to all businesses, big and small. Our goal is to make semantic search available to everyone because we believe that anyone should implement a powerful tool without breaking the bank.

Seqwa allows customers to get the power of scalability while only paying for what they need. We make our platform simple, so you can focus on your business goals instead of getting bogged down by technical details. At Seqwa, we believe that an advanced search is essential for any business. Instead of typing in the exact words you want to find, a semantic search takes away the guesswork and allows for a more natural way of finding what you need.

Seqwa is a fast, cost-effective, and AI-powered search solution. It is cloud-hosted and fully managed for scalability. Seqwa offers features like autocomplete, full-text search with semantic re-ranking, AI recommendations, and semantic search. We built Seqwa to fix the problem of poor user experience when searching on eCommerce sites: users are unsatisfied by the findings they get and then leave because they don't have accurate results, which results in lost sales.

Seqwa is a complete search platform that works in the cloud and across devices. We developed it using machine learning techniques that leverage our data set to predict users' intent, which helps us generate accurate results immediately.

Because Seqwa learns automatically from your past purchases, it can personalize search results to you as a user based on your past purchase history and other context clues. For example, if you are looking for a particular product, we may show you high-quality related products that you may not have otherwise considered. If you're interested in buying a new piece of clothing but don't know what colors might look good on you, we'll use your past purchases to help show you options that are similar to ones you've already bought before. Seqwa's analysis of your searches will personalize them to your preferences based on past searches. And when you receive a new product recommendation from one of our recommendations engines, you'll know why!