Seqwa Startup Program

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Are you a startup?

If yes, then Seqwa wants to help you! We know how hard it is to get off the ground. There's a lot you have to worry about—from your product to your team, your brand, and your customers. It's a lot of work. We know this because we're a startup too, and we understand how important it is for you to focus on making the best product you can for your customers. That's why we're offering our Seqwa Startup Program. We'll give you $15,000 in free credits so that you can get your business off the ground with the best search solution on the market.

What does this program offer?

Seqwa Startup Program provides $15000 in free credit for our AI-powered search solution. $10000 of which will go towards API credits and $5000 towards storage units to save up to 10 million records. Learn more about our Pricing. You can calculate your estimated costs using our Cost calulator also available on the Pricing page.


$10000 for 10000 API Credits

$5000 for 10M Records

Who can apply?

To be eligible: You must be incorporated in the past five years (i.e., after January 1, 2017), have raised less than $5M in funding and a registered Seqwa user. In addition to this amazing offer, we will also feature your company—including its name, logo, and link to your website—on the Seqwa website, social media platforms, and in our email communications.


Less than 5 years old

Less than $5M in funding

Registered user

How do we apply?

To apply for the program, fill out the form on this page  and provide details about your business: its name, number of employees, incorporation date, funding raised so far (no more than $5M), link to your website or app, your usecase, your usage requirements, and other information.

What is Seqwa?

Our AI-powered REST API-based search solution offers everything a growing startup needs: affordability (costs over 75% less than our closest competitor!), reliability (99.9% uptime!), power (our AI learns what your users want), and scalability (our API can handle any traffic load!). Seqwa gives you all the benefits of an enterprise search solution without headaches or costs. With no upfront costs and no hardware, software, or personnel investment, you can have your custom search solution under your branding. Click here to learn more about Seqwa

When and how do we receive these credits?

If you are accepted into the program, we will give you $5,000 in storage credits and $5,000 in API credits immediately. You can use the storage credits to store up to 10 million records. The remaining $5,000 API Credits will be added to your account after three months depending on your usage levels.

When do the credits expire?

It's true. Seqwa credits never expire—so no matter when you use them, they're still yours. But that doesn't mean that we'll keep your account around forever if you don't use it. When you sign up for a Seqwa account, we reserve our resources to provide you with your free credits. Those resources are limited, and if they're being claimed by accounts that aren't being used, they aren't available to people who actually need them. That's why we disable accounts that have been dormant for 90 days or more, so that we can make sure that everyone using our services gets the best possible experience and access to their credits. So if you want to make the most of Seqwa credits, don't let your account go dormant!

What if we have some queries about the program and Seqwa.

Please review the Terms of the Startup Program. If you have specific questions about the program, please email us at If you have questions about Seqwa or need help getting started, please email us at