What is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search is a search technology that understands user intentions and the underlying meaning behind their searches.

Have you ever used an eCommerce site to purchase online or searched a news site for an exciting story? Of course, you have! But were those search results accurate? Many search solutions recognize single meanings and do not consider synonyms or ways to interpret your searches to get more accurate results. Semantic Search can also help determine your intents on a website, which allows return better results based on what is most important for your searches.

Seqwa uses a semantic search approach to deliver personalized results close to a user's intent. So instead of just seeing results for the specific query, you will see semantically similar results based on the meaning of your keyword.

Semantic Search is the next evolution of search technology. It's not about finding pages that rhyme with your original query or finding pages related to your query, but rather understanding the meaning of your initial query and providing relevant ranking results based on semantic understanding of your query. Suppose you ask a question in natural language. In that case, Seqwa can extract the meaning of your question, understand it by looking at other related queries, and then rank the results based on their relationship to the original question. Meaning that whether you were looking for "How do I install Joomla?" or "I want to know how to install Joomla," the top three results are ranked based on their relationship to the query.

Full-text Search with Semantic Ranking ranks relevant results to search queries.

Are you using keyword searches to get relevant results? Do your search results align with what you're looking for? If not, could it be because you're doing a keyword search, which only considers keywords? We often find ourselves lost in the sea of information while looking for something on the internet. We perform several different searches and click many links to browse numerous websites until we eventually find the answer. Do you know why?

When we search for something online, our brain considers various aspects of formulating a search query – our intentions, emotions, what exactly we are trying to achieve by searching, etc. The problem with keyword searches is that the results align with the keywords. If a website has three pages with your exact search terms in the title, these pages will rank higher than relevant pages with different structures.

If only we could search the internet in a wholly aligned way with our intentions, goals, fears, emotions, and even our state of mind. It would certainly help us avoid being distracted by irrelevant content. We know that it can be frustrating to scroll through a seemingly endless feed of articles and ads. Therefore, we have developed a search solution that understands you.

Semantic Search for Recommendations can recommend similar items to the user based on their individual preferences.

Did you know that search engines are becoming smarter about your needs and preferences? Did you know that search engines are getting better at displaying what you want and need? It is the power of Semantic Search. Although, at first glance, the idea of a "smart" search engine might sound like science fiction, the technology behind Semantic Search already makes it possible to have a more personalized experience with more relevant results. You love shoes, and you're a hardcore sneakerhead. You have an impressive collection ranging from Air Jordans to Vans, to name a few. So how does this help you in terms of the information you receive? It is all about semantics! Semantic Search capabilities harness your individual preferences, search history, and currently selected documents or products to provide similar recommendations.

Context-driven advertising is tailored to your habits, preferences, and lifestyle. For example, if you have searched for Nike sneakers in the past, you may be prompted to search for similar items. Creating a contextual experience for users will enable businesses to capture their attention and gain deeper insights into their needs. The ability to bring together search results based on the semantic similarities of your documents and products will be a game-changer. The next time you search for something like sneakers, Seqwa's Recommend could use your past preferences to help you find the information you're looking for faster than ever before.

The future is here, and it's called Semantic Search and Recommendations.

Seqwa can personalize your search results by understanding the meaning of your query.

Semantic Search is one of the fastest-growing topics in the search industry. Why? Because it solves a lot of problems. Forget spell check, word stemming, and synonyms; Semantic Search enables a deep understanding of users' mental models to return individualized results within a few seconds. Instead of figuring out what a user is searching for, semantic approaches try to understand what the user wants by analyzing their authentic text and ranking the results concerning their meaning rather than their recency or popularity. This allows forms and natural language queries to be answered with unprecedented accuracy and in real-time.

Seqwa is an innovative semantic search solution that believes that searching, organizing, and accessing content based on the true meaning of your question is a lot easier, more natural, and can connect you to more relevant information than ever before.