Why choose Seqwa over Outdated, Costly Apps?

Create a search UI in less than a minute.

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from an application to search records and documents quickly and transparently. The best applications are easy to use, so even those without a software development background can quickly get up to speed. The Seqwa platform lets you upload data quickly and easily and has a wizard where you can create search UIs with a few clicks.

Quickly add data to your index: The Seqwa platform allows users to upload large volumes of data into their index with ease. The content uploading takes only minutes and does not require any programming skills. It is essential for users who have legacy platforms with tons of content that need a new search solution.

Create intuitive search UIs with the click of a button: Seqwa's user interface creation wizard makes it easy to customize your search experience for end-users in minutes. The wizard allows you to choose from different views, such as thumbnails or list views, and even gives you options to show images.

Feature-rich Platform

Seqwa, a semantic search platform for mobile apps and websites, provides a new way for consumers to access the content. The platform creates an intuitive experience for users, allowing them to find information effortlessly on mobile apps and websites. Here are some of the features that make Seqwa stand out from other search tools:

Autocomplete suggestions

The Seqwa autocomplete feature works as you type and the current page's context. It also associates every suggestion with a confidence score to rank them, making it easier for users to get accurate results.

Full-text search

The Seqwa full-text search builds on Natural Language Searching, which means it understands what you're typing and provides better results than other tools. Its ability to interpret your queries makes it more convenient for users to find what they need quickly without writing long sentences to get relevant results.

Semantic re-ranking

Seqwa uses semantic re-ranking techniques to provide relevant results for any query.


Seqwa lets you retrieve recommendations for semantic-similar products and documents from the one you have selected.

Semantic Search

With Seqwa, you can incorporate voice search where users can search based on arbitrary everyday words without worrying about using specific keywords. Seqwa understands the intent of the query and provides relevant results.

Apply Seqwa to many use cases

Seqwa can work in:

In-App Search

Integrate Seqwa into any app in an instant. Use Seqwa's REST API endpoints, create a search box and let your users search.

Website Search

Create a crawler for your site and generate a dataset with all the site details like link, title, and description. Upload the dataset to Seqwa and integrate the REST API endpoints into your website.

Document Search

Create a JSON dataset for your document repository. Same as the other, upload the dataset to Seqwa to generate a search index and integrate the REST API endpoints into your application.

Know how to code? Use the REST API for integration and customization.

When developing an app, you want a fast, scalable, and customizable app search tool. The most common use case for Seqwa is to build a search interface for your app. You can do this by creating an API key and pointing the API to any list of items (e.g., customers, products, etc.). The API will return results based on the parameters passed through the API call (e.g., location).

Once you have the API set up, you'll need to create an HTML page or frontend app with any Javascript framework like ReactJS, Vue, or Angular to show your search results. The page should contain all of the elements displayed in your results (e.g., title, description, image). The next step is to connect the HTML page with your database when someone searches for something on your website or app.

Seqwa is so simple that anyone can create a demo search UI in less than a minute with no coding involved — point and click. And if you have some technical chops, you can customize your results pages even further with Seqwa's REST API.

Seqwa cost less than proprietary products like Algolia, Azure CloudSearch, and Google Retail Search.

The term "search-as-a-service" has become increasingly popular to describe the ability to build search functionality into applications. Search as a service can be costly and limited in its capabilities. It is one of the essential features of a modern web or mobile application. But, it can be hard to get right on your own. Building search takes time, and it's notoriously tricky to implement correctly and efficiently. Companies often spend a lot of money on proprietary products, costing tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Seqwa is an excellent option for developers who want to build custom search solutions at way lower cost than proprietary products like Algolia, Azure CloudSearch, and Google Retail Search. Seqwa allows you to create powerful search experiences with pre-built and customizable features. Seqwa provides the flexibility and control to launch your search app with features that delight users.