Frequently Asked Questions

Seqwa is a cloud-based data analytics software that lets business users gain data insights with natural language queries and also review generated insights.

Seqwa effectively automates the task of writing a SQL query. You have a simple & common natural language interface for querying data sources including files (CSV, JSON, and Parquet) and relational databases (MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, and MariaDB).

Seqwa creates natural language questions and answers them to create a knowledge repository. You can review these questions and filter through them using simple keywords. You don’t have to think through what questions to ask so you can focus on the critical decisions that you need to make.

Seqwa is an ideal tool for decision makers who are or want to be data-driven. Seqwa lets you take decisions with accurate data insights with faster and easier access.

You can ask questions in natural language with learning how to code or using sophisticated BI software. You can review the generated queries and graphs without getting into the complexity of data analytics. You no longer have to wait on your analyst to send you reports.

You will have reliable information available on time in a simple format so you can reduce your stress, save your mental resources and focus on making decisions.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics, data storage, and the English language can use Seqwa. You don’t need any certification or degree. You only have to know how to upload a file or enter the database credentials.

Seqwa is made for decision makers whether you are a business executive, a scientist, an engineer, a manager, or a coach.

You should use Seqwa:
1. So you can be data-driven in your decision making while not getting caught up in the complexity of data.
2. To save your cognitive or mental resources and focus on making decisions.
3. To save time and resources and make faster decisions.

If you want to faster, better and data-driven, then choose Seqwa.

Seqwa is NOT a bot.

Unlike a bot or a conversational AI, Seqwa does not have to code in new intents for each query. Seqwa instead uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the grammar structure of the query and process the code.

Seqwa can provide a voice interface for select plans. However, unlike voice assistants or bots, Seqwa neither creates intents nor requires you to do so. Seqwa instead provides a highly scalable platform where you can connect any data source and instantly start querying it in natural language.

Our current focus is providing a reliable natural language interface for structured data sources like relational databases and CSV files. We are working towards incorporating support for unstructured data like medical literature, customer feedback and Twitter feeds. We will publish more information soon.

Seqwa can power through big data with scalable cloud infrastructure and the performance of Apache Spark. You don’t have to know Apache Spark to use Seqwa. You only connect your data sources and let Seqwa allocate resources, perform operations and provide you with the data insights.

NO. Seqwa does not generate SQL code. Seqwa generates specific code that envelops all the data operations. This code is specific to Seqwa and will NOT work with other software.

Your data and credentials are stored securely on the AWS cloud platform.

Yes. If you need to create a report, you can quickly search through generated insights and prepare a report.

You can get started quickly as an individual user on the basic shared plan. We will share more details after the launch.

Enterprise users can share your details using the ‘Contact Us’ form. We will reach out to you share the details of enterprise plans. We are only serving enterprise customers in India, UK, and the USA.

Users can upload CSV, JSON, AVRO, and Parquet files, and connect to select relational databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle. Enterprise customers receive support for additional structured data sources.

Seqwa currently does not support or process unstructured data.

Seqwa can answer questions related to the data which include aggregates like totals, counts and averages on numerical columns (e.g. sales, quantity, earnings, etc.), grouping over categorical column (e.g. product category, city, country, etc. ), filtering on specific categorical column values (e.g. Apple iPhone, New York, India), filtering and time series (e.g. for past 2 years, from 2010 to 2019, etc) and filtering numerical columns (e.g. greater than, less than, between, etc).

Sample questions:
1. What are the total sales for Apple iPads in New York from 2011 to 2014?
2. How many Samsung Phones sold in Arizona last year?
3. Find the total revenues for each city.
4. Calculate the total sales for each city where the total marketing spend was more than $1,000,000?

Seqwa will provide support for advanced analytics and Machine Learning questions to Enterprise users.

Seqwa can answer a wide variety of questions. The ability to answer depends on the availability of the right data.

Not know what to ask is a typical scenario and is a result of the information overload that all of us face. It is impossible for any one person to remember all the data and data points available for querying.

Seqwa is the only platform with a solution to this problem.

Seqwa generates questions and answers them, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the right query. You can start with a vague idea and use keywords to filter through the generated insights. Seqwa does all the grunt work and guesswork so you can focus on making decisions.

The structure of the answers to your questions and generated questions depends on the outcome. In general, the answer is either a single line or a graph along with a table.

For enterprise users, the answers will also have auto-generated explanatory text. This text is generated using Natural Language Generation (NLG) techniques.

Each data insight or answer will have a link and an embeddable code for public sharing.

Enterprise users will have access to a customized admin user interface. You will be able to add and remove users and update access levels.