Analyze data faster to understand your customers and tailor your advertising efforts and content to reach the target users.

Your challenge

Advertisers have to sort through a lot of data to understand customer behavior and demographics.  All the departments including Account Services, Research, Account Planning, Media Relations, Production, and Creative count on getting reliable information in time to make decisions.

Depending entirely on dashboards and reports can slow down the decision making process and lead to missed opportunities. It is critical to engage customers at the right moment when they need the advertised service or product.

Your opportunity

Imagine communicating with your data as you would do with a person. Starting off with a vague idea and exploring questions generated with Seqwa help you get acquainted with the data. Asking specific questions in natural language with common words and terms for deeper insights.

Imagine visualizing customer behavioral data, reviewing outcomes across sectors, channels, and other groups, measuring the success of customer interactions, and doing a lot more.

You can do all of that in Seqwa without having to learn a new technical skill nor knowing what is in your data.

Your role

If you are an Account Planner, you have to conduct qualitative and quantitive research from various data sources. You also have to interpret a variety of information. Seqwa can help you improve the speed of your research and save you from information overload especially when comes to deal with structured data.

If you are the Production Manager, you have to work with customers to create advertising strategies. Having the data and visualizations in an understandable format can help you explain and convince your customers to adopt a certain strategy.