Capital Markets

Get faster access to data insights to be more competitive and to deal with the effects of globalization, market structural changes, and increased regulation.

Your challenge

Capital Markets is a highly competitive landscape industry with Investment Banks, Brokerages, Asset Management Banks and Custody Banks fighting for mostly the same customer base. Other factors that are affecting this industry are globalization, market structural changes, and increased regulation.

Professionals and leaders in all the sub-industries face challenges in dealing with data from a variety of sources. In addition, the increased competition and reliance on competitive technologies has made it challenging to stay on step ahead of the competition. Leaders in the Investment Management industry need to focus over a large spectrum.

Your opportunity

Imagine communicating with your data as you would do with a person. Starting off with a vague idea and exploring generated questions to help you get acquainted with the data. Asking specific questions in natural language with common words and terms for deeper insights.

Imagine analyzing market data, conducting quantitative investment research, performing portfolio analysis and doing a lot more.

You can do all of that in Seqwa without having to learn a new technical skill nor knowing what is in your data.

Your role

If you are an Investment Banking Analyst, you have to analyze financial data to build and improve financial models. Imagine being able to do the analysis faster and at scale. Imagine being able to quickly new models and evaluate it to show it your clients.