Improve your operational efficiency and better deal with market changes with immediate and actionable insights.

Your challenge

Although the Insurance industry’s primary challenge is dealing with the low interest-rate environment, there are significant challenges and possible opportunities attributed to changing demographics and use of technology (like Telematics) for usage-based insurance. It is not only more important than ever to be active online but not lose track of your on the ground agents.

Whether you are Underwriting, Claim Services, Loss Control, Reinsurance or Asset Allocation, you rely on data and insights to help you make the quick decisions.

Your opportunity

Imagine if you could communicate with the data and easily gain insights without learning technical skills or spend hours even if you were technically proficient.

Seqwa will be your goto data analyst who turns data into an accessible knowledge repository. To use Seqwa, you neither have to learn a new technical skill nor know what is in your data.

You can start with a vague idea and merely ask questions with common words and terms as you would do when speaking to a person. You can go through pre-generated questions, query suggestions, and graph visualization to gain new insights without any technical assistance or know-how.

Your role

If you are an Underwriter and are determining the appropriate premiums, you will have work with various resources including medical reports, credit scores, applicant’s financial situation, and many other factors. Having access to information and insights, you can focus on taking a faster decision on the applicant’s status.

If you are investigating a change in policyholder benefits to improve profitability, you will need the right data to understand what that change means. With the correct information available immediately you can focus on making the right decisions to improve profitability and reduce losses.

As the Investment Manager assessing your investment portfolio would mean keeping a strong focus on the investment environment and factors affecting investments. Seqwa can save you time and improve your productivity. You will have easy access to insights and not wait days or weeks to get data reports. Data Analysts and Data Scientists in your company can focus on the challenging tasks of predicting the outcomes.